Monday, May 24, 2010

The waiting game

A month ago today we went to have our medicals in Thornton Heath armed with £730 in cash and various bits of paper and umpteen copies of our photographs.

The first part was to have the chest x-rays taken, (to check for TB or other shadows that may require further investigation), which were done in a side building of Mayday hospital. Ordinary members of the public were there too but after booking us in we were whisked through as if of high importance. Our x-rays were £50 each.

4 in-and-outs later and we drove a few blocks away to the medical practice (known as a designated medical practice). Practices such as these charge huge amounts to do the required testing for immigration purposes for other countries. Ours were £150 each and £80 for Gadgetgirlie due to her age.

We were assigned 20 minutes each and had blood and urine taken to test for aids and syphyllis, then we were asked a zillion and one questions about our health and medical history.

I had to answer a few extra questions about Gadgeteen and hand some reports in then that was it.

Now we wait again for the next brown envelope to fall on the door mat. Either it will demand more reports on something to do with our medicals.......or it will be a request for our passports to be sent in so that shiny visas can be put in them......this is of course what we hope for more than anything else right now....

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