Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh dear, what have I done?

I was just trying out the new 'easy' template adjustments thingy and seem to have mucked my blog up badly. This isn't how I would like it. I don't want numbers in brackets next to the months of previous posts, and I want all my side bar icons back and everything back laid out the way it was.

It will take a alot of fiddling with the html to get it right again, which is what I thought I would be avoiding having to do by using the new easy layout tab in the first place!

That's what comes of fiddling with what doesn't need fiddling with.....

Saturday, April 07, 2007

2 more weeks! Aaaaah!

Does this look familiar? Too bloody familiar.

Off we went to the hospital last Monday to finally have the cast removed, there I sat, looking forward to having my leg back, then off I went to have the purple cast removed with some kind of angle grinder. Cor, it was lovely to have a good old scratch, but my leg just didn't look like my own and had a bad case of dandruff. My ankle was so swollen that the ankle bones weren't even there to be seen, and it wouldn't obey my instructions either when I tried to get it to move.

Off we went to have another x-ray to check that the bone had healed, then back we came for the verdict from the registrar. "Well, you've had 6 weeks in plaster..." "no," I said, "5 weeks actually." "Oh, well it should have been 6 weeks," he said, "but anyway, the bone hasn't completely healed, and we think".... I just knew what he was going to say next. We saw the x-ray, and could see that the line of break was still visible. So, off I went to the plaster technician with the choice of colours and the sparklies and here I sit for another 2 weeks.