Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The good, the bad, and the bloody-minded

The good news is:

Gadgeteen is in another school within a 15minute walk.
He has attended every day.
I’ve been able to return to work this week.
We've coped.
Gteen is not dyslexic, dyspraxic or any other kind of ‘ic’.
I’ve learnt a bit of maths, science art and Japanese economy.
He finally admitted that he did do what he was excluded for.
We all go roller-blading together.
Gteen loves playing poker.
He keeps threatening to run away.
We’ve eaten home-cooked meals every day.
Gteen has not gained any weight.
We still want to go to Canada.
He has ongoing support from outside agencies.

The bad news is:

He is on his 3rd detention.
We have to attend a meeting at Gteen's new school tomorrow.
I'm still on the 'happy' pills for now.
His attitude towards school hasn't changed.
Gteen has a bill of £113 to pay for damaged books.
I’ve fallen over a lot.
We play a lot of poker.
He hasn’t run away yet.
I’ve gained 18 lbs.
Canada plans have not been on the priority list.
It's taken 2 months to sort out.

I know that I've done what I believe to be the best that I can during my time off with Gteen and have balanced this with Gadget girles needs too. I hope that this experience has made a difference, though it's not exactly visably measurable at the moment. Maybe in a few years time Gteen will be able to reflect on this and appreciate the efforts we've made now, to encourage him onto a path in a positive direction, maybe he won't. Time will tell.