Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Gadgets go on holiday

We're off to our favourite Brittany campsite tomorrow. The trike is back together again and running better than before and the trailer is packed full to the brim as usual, just the bicycles to go on, the cool bag to fill, and the tuna mayonaise sandwiches to make. Decided to go from Poole this time, much cheaper and a shorter journey over to St. Malo.

So to all of you that pop by......fare thee well for the next 3 weeks.

Ps......Gadgeteen is behaving himself pretty much for now, maybe he realises just how much he was pushing us, or maybe all his friends are away for the summer, either way.....we have a reprieve for now and he's actually being quite helpful at times.

Right ..... now ..... back to the checklist ..... camera and charger ..... check ..... Euros and cards ..... check ..... passports ..... check ..... ferry tickets ..... check.

Pps....Just noticed that the above post has Saturdays date but I posted it on Monday and now it's Tuesday and we're off now....byeeeeeeee!