Friday, May 28, 2010


Gadgetman received a letter from the CHC yesterday saying that he has to provide sputum smears and cultures for mycobacterium tuberculosis, taken on 3 consecutive days and incubated for 6-8 weeks. Then he has to have another chest x-ray on or after 24/7/10.

The consequence of this is that we will not be able to 'Land' in Canada when we go out for a Holiday on 22/7.

What this all means in layman's language, is that there is some kind of shadow on his x-ray and CHC want to cover themselves and make sure that he doesn't have anything serious that has caused this. They certainly don't want anyone in Canada that has TB.

G'man has never had TB, nor is he aware of anything else, but this causes us more expense of £150 for the cultures, £50 for the repeat x-ray and the added expense of having to fly out to land before 24/4/11 if we get visas at the the end of this further testing.


.......And before you think that we should be worrying.....lots of people recently have had this happen to them and have written about it on, and not one of them have come back saying that they have done the cultures and had a further x-ray only to find that they have something serious wrong with them, not one! so I am not immediately worrying....just frustrated by yet a further delay and great expense


meredic said...

That still sounds scary to me.
I hope all goes OK.

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great fun

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