Wednesday, April 04, 2012

2012 Gadget family update!

To those that occasionally pop in to see how we are doing.....WE HAVE PR.

Yep, in January 2011 we finally got our visas after jumping all the hurdles required of us.

A friend a couple of doors down from my brothers got a job in Alberta and wanted to sell her house, and another friend along the road said that he had too much work and would Gadgetman get over as quickly as possible. Gadgetman the completed and passed an oil-furnace course so that he can continue working on heating systems out there.

So our house went on the market and I joined Ebay to sell off some of Gadgetman’s hoardings, sold 750 items in the end making about £7,000.

We sold the house in July and Gadgetman and Gadgetgirlie have been over on Vancouver Island since August 2011. Gadgeteen was 18 by then and wasn’t sure that he wanted to go. He moved out and sofa-surfed until he ran out of welcoming sofas in November and flew out to join the others.

I will be there by the end of the year but I have to stay in order to turn 50 which is when I can receive my monthly pension. hopefully it'll be enough to avoid work but we'll see.

We have bought a house on an acre of land just 2 houses away from my brothers. Gadgetgirlie catches the big yellow school bus every day and Gadgeteen is doing a summer job cutting grass.

Gadgetman is recovering from a ligament injury done on a skiing trip and is struggling to get work. He is getting on with life there and making friends locally but looks forward to me being there too. He and a neighbour are converting the shack at the back of our house into a cabin for Gadgeteen. The main house only has 2 bedrooms and he has been living in a crowded basement.....The cabin, which will be a two-bedroomed cabin with a kitchen and bathroom, is looking beautiful now and yet there seems to be so much more to do before it is up and running as a separate living area.

Both kids are snowboarding through the winter months and Gadgetgirlie in particular spends a lot of weekends either up mount Washington or playing soccer in a team, her other main pastime.

Gadgeteen still suffers the affects of Aspbergers and struggles through daily life in a way that I don’t. We promised him a dog if he went to Canada so now he has a dog now who is a German Shepherd/Malamute mix and who came with the name of Dakota from the local SPCA. Gadgeteen also has a girlfriend who helps him along the way….He loves driving and uses one of the old cars that we have bought.

Gadgetgirlie has a grey cat whom she has called Carlos. Carlos and Dakota tear around the house provoking eachother, well, mainly Carlos prokokes Dakota.

I am lodging with a friend and her family and missing my family more than I thought I would….

Still, I spent 5 weeks out there at Christmas, will be spending 3 weeks there in May and 7 weeks there in the summer so the next 8 months will pass much more quickly than the first 8 months since they moved.

I am so looking forward to getting out there so that we can be a family again. My heart feels like it is breaking everytime we separate.


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